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Home and Away

In Uncategorized on February 8, 2013 at 3:44 pm

On Tuesday I took a trip up one of London’s biggest hills, to the blasted Hampstead Heath, it really was Shakespearean with the icy winds whipping around and storm clouds gathering, but instead of King Lear and his retinue there were dog walkers bravely striding out and trying to prevent their poodles from being blown inside out. I went to look at an apartment in a converted, Victorian built, ex-nursing home, now made over in to a four floor home with underground swimming pool and gym.

Looking down on London town from Hampstead Heath

Looking down on London town from Hampstead Heath

And from News International Syndication department came some pdfs of features that have appeared in The Times Magazine but also been re-printed in foreign magazines. It was great to see some stories that have been squeezed on to 3 pages in the supplement, given  eight glorious pages in glossy technicolor, to see for yourself go to the new Foreign Editions section on the opening page of this blog.