Hello I am Vinny Lee, writer and stylist. I have been the Interiors Editor of The Times Magazine for 17 years and write most weekends on lifestyle and peoples living spaces. For most features I recce the location, set up the shoot, liaise with the photographer, art direct the shoot and do the interview. I have had some amazing experiences from shooting Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones’s home in Bermuda to interviewing Giorgio Armani at his apartment in Milan. Then I have also worked with great people you may not have heard of – at least that is until they have appeared on the glossy pages of The Times Magazine.
I have also written 28 books – see the books section at the opening of my blog. A couple of these tomes have been ghosted for others but most are under my own name and vary in subject from the history of giving gifts ( Traditional Gifts published by Conran Octopus), to a couple on kitchen design, a few on the use of colour in the home and another batch on bathroom design, then there is the very tempting Cool Pools and Hot tubs published by Jacqui Small – and more to come!

  1. Dear Ms Lee,
    With interest I read your article about Robert Huges’ Tin Hut in an undated times magazine cut-out that my brother sent me from London.
    I happen to know Robert Hughes from my childhood days in Hay-on-Wye but have not seen him for many moons.
    The reason for my writing to you is because I have two houses that I believe would be worth an artice.
    One in a small Pensylvanian vilage called Perkiomenvile which has amazing wood work and was buitl by a German carpenter and has a hidden room.
    The other ois a totally new farm house on my organic farm in Thailand called, ‘All About Organic’. We hope to open in 2013 offering accommdation and lessons on organic farming.
    I am sure that you are very busy but I look forward to your respomse should you have time.
    Sincerely yours,

  2. Dear Ms. Lee,
    I apologise, I sent the incorrect Eiamail address with my last comment. It is in fact:

    • thanks for getting in touch and for suggesting your two properties for features in The Times Magazine but I am afraid that I don’t have the budget to fly to Thailand to do photographic shoots so unless you have existing high quality images I’m afraid it isn’t something that we could consider. But I do get to go the the USA from time to time so if you want to forward recce shots of you Pennsylvanian house I would be happy to take a look All the best Vinny

  3. Hi Vinny, long long time no speak, but would love to suggest a few homes which may be of interest to you (UK/London only) , we have a clutch of interiors/homeware/property clients including Tiger, the Scandi chain opening up all over the South East at the moment , so if you ever need props for styling, come on down to your nearest branch.

    Regards. Jane

    • good to hear from you by all means forward any interiors stories you think might work for The Times Mag – but I don’t do product I only cover people in their homes – all the best Vinny

  4. Dear Vinny Lee,
    my name is István and I come from Hungary.
    I need your help. 🙂
    I have seen that you wrote an article about myfavourite designer, Anne Nilsson.
    May I ask something?
    How can I get a printed edition of the magazine which includes the article?
    Please send me your idea…
    Thank you!
    Have a nice day & take care.
    Best regards, István

  5. Hello Vinny,
    I hope you are well. I seemed to have mislaid your email address but I am now working for Feilden+Mawson Architects in London. One of the partners here has done a fantastic home conversion, as well as doing up a flat in Goldfinger’s famous Metro Central. I wondered if you could message me your email and I can get back in touch with some ideas?
    I used to work at The Double Unit and we spoke, probably last year, about Alan Higgs whose office and home I think you visited.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    All the best

  6. Vinny. I am an antiques fanatic and professional, and really want to get the message out that good antiques are about as cheap as IKEA at the moment. Any chance we could collaborate some how?

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