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A history of tiles and a Busted Flush

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I was invited, probably on the strength of the books I have written about bathroom design, to the launch of ‘Busted Flush’, a book by Geoffrey Pidgeon about who really invented the flushing water closet and the Pidgeon family’s five generation involvement in the bathroom business. Lucinda Lambton gave a rousing introduction and it was held in The Smith Centre, a fascinating small museum at The Science Museum.

One of the Humpherson early WCs as donated by Pidgeon to The Science Museum

One of the Humpherson early WCs as donated by Pidgeon to The Science Museum

A few days later I was in Bethnal Green to see Lee Thorley of Bert & May. He and his business partner Harriet recently opened a stunning new showroom in Vyner Street where they show not only reclaimed tiles from old houses and buildings in Spain and France but also new collections made in the encasutic style using natural pigments.

new encaustic tiles from Bert & May

new encaustic tiles from Bert & May

shadow people and jigsaw style tiles from B&M

shadow people and jigsaw style tiles from B&M

And this will be my last blog as Design Editor of The Times Magazine. I resigned last month so from 1st December I will no longer be working for News UK. I am now doing a number of exciting projects including a consultancy job for the Doyle Hotel group.

Berkeley Square and all that

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First to Berkeley Square for the opening of PAD the fine art fair. What I love about it, apart from all the amazing artifacts, furniture and stylish people, is the way that the whole event works around the trees that have lived in the square for centuries. As well as seeing Michael Hoppen’s great stand and enjoying a delicious lunch I was also given a copy of The Art Book an amazing tome that is worthy of shelf space rather than the magazine rack.

Tree and fine art at PADPAD blog




Diane Blog

Diane looking leggy and leanDiane frocks blog                                                                               Examples of the D von F wrap dress at Phillips

  A few weeks later back to Berkeley Square to the amazing new Phillips Gallery for the opening of the Diane von Furstenberg exhibition, and the lady herself jetted in to over see things. She really looks amazing and it was a treat to see her iconic wrap dress in so many form and patterns, not just on the mannequins but also on so many of the guests.