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Weather permitting

In Uncategorized on March 3, 2014 at 6:00 pm

At this time of year it is wise to set aside a couple of days for a photographic shoot and then check the weather a day or two before. We had two days penciled in for a shoot with artist Michael Landy and in the end I opted to go for the second of the dates, but of course the sun shone on the first day, so I was very nervous about what we had in store.

The day of the shoot arrived and the sky was overcast…”Should have done it yesterday” I thought to myself. But by the time we arrived at the location the sky was clearing and in no time at all the sun came out. We had a great time with Michael, his lovey Staffie, May and architect Marta Nowicka¬†¬†Feature to follow sometime soon.

photographer Jefferson Smith in the kitchen

photographer Jefferson Smith in the kitchen

one of Landy's delicate 'Weed' drawings

one of Landy’s delicate ‘Weed’ drawings

Landy's 'thinking' studio with Lifestyle Neon

Landy’s ‘thinking’ studio with Lifestyle Neon