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While it rained….

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Life's a baech

Life’s a beach

While the rain poured and the Somerset levels lapped with water I took a quick trip to Windsor, not Windsor & Eaton near Heathrow, but Windsor, Florida. The beach was a little overcast in the morning but by 11am the sun was up and hot.

A perfect mid-morning coffee spot

A perfect mid-morning coffee spot

Transport of delight

Transport of delight

We were doing a feature on the estate developed by the Hon Hilary Weston, a 416 acre site between Indian River and the Atlantic Ocean. This up market, gated community of houses, art galleries and golf courses is where the captains of industry and the northern rich come to escape the ravages of winter. It is manicured and perfectly maintained and cars are not allowed so everyone, including photographer Alex James and myself scoot about on golf buggies.

But then it was back on the ‘plane and a return to the rain.




2014 and all that

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I’ve had a few weeks away and luckily avoided most of the rain, but now its back to work and catching up with emails and book text. ‘Kitchenalia’ ( due to be published later this year) is in the final throws of tidying up and editing before going off to print. There are always last minute tweaks to be done before we wave it off so I am in regular email contact with the brilliant editor Sian Parkhouse.

And although I have only just unpacked my bags I am off again on Wednesday for a one night stay in Florida to do a story that we should have done at New Year but unfortunately the home owner fell ill. Hopefully some sunny pictures will appear in my next blog update.

Also just to let regular followers know The Times Magazine have now stopped me from putting up the pdfs of my features until a month after publication so there is a delay in seeing them in print and their appearance on my blog.IMG-20121211-00204