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Gugelhupf and dusting

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The last expedition before Christmas was to Germany to do a shoot and interview with the delightful furniture designer Neill Bustin. It was a bleary 5am start to get to City Airport for the flight to Paderborn, then there was an hour drive to a village near the town of Fitzlar, where Neill was ready and waiting for us.

Paderborn Airport
Paderborn Airport

After a delicious lunch of local sausage and cheese souffle it was down to work. Neill set the dining table

Mr Bustin polishing the tablewear
Mr Bustin polishing the tableware

Upstairs Sophia from Profile Public Relations got to grips with a duster…

Sophia adds a shine
Sophia adds a shine

and I baked a cake. A very special cake called a Gugelhupf.

Gugelhupf with remedial icing sugar
Gugelhupf with remedial icing sugar

The Gugelhupf is a traditional German pastry, my version was a bit sticky, took an hour longer to cook than the recipe stated, was incredibly heavy and came out of its beautiful copper baking dish with a few bits missing. But, a liberal dusting of icing sugar filled in some of the cracks and careful camera positioning ensured that we got a good snap.

We left early on Wednesday morning and the Gugelhupf was still sitting, untouched, on the sideboard. I think Neill plans to give it to the local chickens as a festive treat….maybe I’ll stick with my day job!


Tea, Bubbles and Baubles

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 Awaiting the last layouts of the book to come through so I can start on the task of writing captions, but in the meantime I’ve been out and about and sociable.

There was an enjoyable afternoon tea at Browns Hotel with Emelie Akerbrant of Saint Laurent ( as YSL is now known) to talk about the opening of a new shop and the decor designed by the illusive Hedi Slimane. Then to Putney Bridge for a chat with Rosie of Gabrielle Shaw Communications about Windsor in Florida, the chic housing development  set up by the Weston family, who also own Selfridges.

Then too-ing and fro-ing to put the final details together for next week’s trip to Lippstadt in Germany to shoot a feature for The Times Magazine on the new House of Hartnell home collection. Early start on Monday as the flight leaves City Airport at 7.35am and we have photographic equipment and lights to check in.

But the most sociable of all the week’s events was The Gosling Team’s invitation to ‘Champagne cocktails, Christmas baubles, Nibble and hugs’ at Sycamore House in Clapham. Tim Gosling may be a master craftsman and draughtsman, designing some of the most intricate and wonderful furniture but his festive decorations show another side, perhaps his inner child? Anyway it was a great start to the festive season.

Gosling Towers in full festive dress

Gosling Towers in full festive dress