All work and plenty of play

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Jefferson at work

Jefferson at work

Straight off to work on Monday to a shoot near Tunbridge Wells. I had spent the weekend watching the weather forecast, which wasn’t good, but on Sunday rang photographer Jefferson and home owners Terence and Paula Woodgate and we decided to go for it. I took the 8.17am train from Charing Cross and just outside Tunbridge Station the sun started to shine…phew. We had a great shoot and a delicious lunch.

Tuesday a quick trip to Regent Street which seems to be under the sledge hammer, so much building work and refurbishment going on, but Louisa Guinness was opening her first stand-alone gallery space for her beautiful artist-designed jewellery collection. You can see the blue neon sign of her gallery in the first floor windows

New Louisa Guinness Gallery

New Louisa Guinness Gallery

Wednesday saw me sitting in the lounge bar of the Connaught hotel chatting with French chef Helene Darroze about her flat in Paris, the Eurostar commute and making chocolate pancakes with her daughters. Luckily the windows of the lounge bar are double glazed because outside all hell was being let loose with a huge machine chewing up the surface of the road and laying fresh tarmac in its wake.

The new road being laid outside The Connaught

The new road being laid outside The Connaught

Thursday night was the opening of Fiona Barratt-Campbell and Sol Campbell’s smart new lifestyle shop FBC London in Pimlico. Well wishers spilled out on to the street and champagne flowed like water. Afterwards we were invited to join Sol and Fiona for a delicious supper at Tinello. Sorry no photographs, I was having too much fun to stop and snap!


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