A French interlude

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The Joy of Stanstead

The Joy of Stanstead

Monday morning at Stanstead, in text contact with photographer Alex James. “Will meet you at Ryanair check in desk”. An hour later “Will meet you at the departure gate”, sometime after that “Will meet you on the ‘plane?” Let’s just say that due to an accident on the M25 I was nearly doing the shoot myself. But he made it…..only just. After the flight we drove to Cahors where we arrived just before 8pm.

The next day started with a glorious drive through the French countryside where there are still enough sunflowers in bloom to give a good show.

Smiling sunflowers on the outskirts of Cahors

Smiling sunflowers on the outskirts of Cahors

We had a great day’s shoot at a stunning location that came through the lovely Simon Young, Jenny Vaughan and their team at RE found objects.  Then another drive through the French countryside, via Bergerac where the streets were draped with bunting to celebrate their Jazz festival

Bergerac en fete

Bergerac en fete

We arrived on the outskirts of Verteillac just in time for supper with Katie Elliot Armitage and her husband Mike. Kate is the brains and talent behind Les Soeurs Anglaises the company that runs residential craft and music workshops from this idyllic setting. Mike and Katie kindly put us up and when I woke up the following morning I found that the view from my bedroom window was stunning

what the early bird saw

what the early bird saw

We had the whole day to do our shots and interview and made the most of the location and the weather.

Looking out from the converted barn at Les Soeurs Anglaises

Looking out from the converted barn at Les Soeurs Anglaises

On Thursday it was time to leave. We nearly went into the supermarket rather than the airport, Bergerac is such a small airport that the entrance is between a shop and a cafe and there is only one departure lounge. But it was back to Blighty and the rain…still mustn’t complain!



  1. Dear Vinny Lee,
    my name is István and I come from Hungary.
    I need your help. 🙂
    I have seen that you wrote an article about myfavourite designer, Anne Nilsson.
    May I ask something?
    How can I get a printed edition of the magazine which includes the article?
    Please send me your idea…
    Thank you!
    Have a nice day & take care.
    Best regards, István

    • thanks for getting in touch and glad you liked the feature> I don’t have hard copies of it but I suggested you contact the magazine direct, The Times Magazine is at News UK, 3 Thomas More Square, London E98 1TD if you try their Back Issues department they may be able to help or the editor’s assistant might be able to help RadnorAbigail (

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