How others do it

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Since I took up blogging  I’ve browsed quite a few other sites to see how the rest of you are doing it and to pick up hints and ideas. Some blog sites are directly linked to my work, so it’s really voyeurism to read them, but then there are others that I look at just for fun.

One of the fun ones is although I’m not an avid bird watcher or wildlife expert I do find the blue and coal tits on the bird feeder outside my window a great distraction from work.

Peter Thompson of Fresh from the Field blog

Peter Thompson of Fresh from the Field blog

Fresh from the field is the blog of Peter Thompson of the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust and is dotted with his great wild life photographs.

As I have published a few books in the last fifteen years I am also interested in how ‘new’ technology is affecting the market, so when I became aware of the Kindle edition (available on Amazon) of a new cookery book called “Hey Dad, How do you cook…? by book designer and proprietor of Mousemat Design Ltd., Ian Hughes I had to have a go.

New Mousemat book available on Kindle

New Mousemat Designs  book available on Kindle

I love the interactive element of the book on the tablet format and also liked the chatty fatherly advice, and wine tips which give the pages a really personal feel.


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