Sunshine and signs

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A sunny start to the week with a breakfast meeting at  The Modern Pantry in Clerkenwell with Habitat’s Creative Director Polly Dickens. The company is launching an exhibition focused on contemporary African design during this year’s London Design Festival and a show called ‘Graphic Africa’  to open in September at their Platform exhibition space in the Kings Road shop. It was such a wonderfully sunny morning that we sat outside to drink coffee and ‘talk shop’

Sunny Clerkenwell

Sunny Clerkenwell

The sun has also been responsible for the most wonderful display of flowers, even in central London a house can get lost behind a shower of Wisteria – these outbursts of blossom make walking to appointments and shoots a pleasure instead of  a drudge.

A house of flowers in Kensington

A house of flowers in Kensington

and is this a sign of our times… we spotted this outside a lift to a multi storey car park in Malmo, can anyone explain?

Malmo Car Park sign!

Malmo Car Park sign!

  1. I would think that the “no balloons’ sign next to the lift is as a result of a potential accident similar to one that happened to a friend of mine in a department store in the UK. She bought a helium balloon for her three year old daughter and so that she didn’t inadvertently let it go she tied the nylon string around her daughter’s wrist. All was fine until they got in the lift and to her horror my friend realised at the last minute that the doors had closed and the balloon was somehow outside the lift. The lift started to move upwards but fortunately a quick thinking man realised what was happening and was able to press the emergency button and force the door open. A close call.

    • Thank you so much for clearing up that mystery and what a horrible thing to happen – somehow balloons seem such innocent things of pleasure, but even they can be dangerous! Hope you are still enjoying your blissful corner of France, we’ve had some balmy days in London but I do miss the sunflowers.

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