On The Road

In Uncategorized on May 28, 2013 at 3:43 pm

Its been a busy couple of weeks, first to Devon for a couple of shoots. We started in Salcombe, where we stayed at the lovely South Sands Hotel. The view from my bedroom window was spectacular and ever changing, it made me wish I’d packed a swimsuit

the evening view from the bedroom window

the evening view from the bedroom window

We were photographing the home of Quba founder Jim Hartley, his company does a great line in recycled sailcloth clothes and furniture. It was a very productive day with him and his family and the sun even shone.

Next we were on the road to Plymouth to photograph the Grayhound Lugger, home of Freya, Marcus and their son Malachi. There were a few technical hitches in pinpointing the Mayflower Marina but when we got there all was fine ( well, fine after a few steadying seasick pills!)

The Grayhound Lugger in Plymouth

The Grayhound Lugger in Plymouth

Then nursing a cold we headed off to Malmo for a shoot at the home of glass and ceramics designer Anne Nilsson. Arriving in Malmo the night before the shoot gave us time to have a quick look around the city, where the remains of the recent Eurovision Song Contest were still in evidence

Malmo recovering from Eurovision

Malmo recovering from Eurovision

Thanks to the upheaval at Heathrow on Friday morning and a delayed crew arrival our SAS flight landed later than we had expected but there was a Bank Holiday Monday to look forward to so that made it  feel a little better.


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