No two days…

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When people ask me about my job as The Times Magazine Interiors Editor I often say that  no two days are the same and this week was a good example. It started with a shoot in north London with photographer Jan Baldwin and her assistant Pete. The location was the home of two architects who went off to work and left us to get on with it, under the supervision of their dog Colin.

Jan and Pete setting up a kitchen shot

Jan and Pete setting up a kitchen shot

When it came to the sitting area we decided we needed a model, but as we were bereft of home owners Colin was pressed in to service. But he was reluctant about media exposure, so Pete had to do some gentle cajoling

Pete coaxing the reluctant model

Pete coaxing the reluctant model

After several very successful shots, Colin was exhausted and retired to a safe spot behind the footstool for a snooze.

Colin taking a break

Colin taking a break

On Friday’s shoot with photographer James Balston we had a very hands on couple who not only posed for portraits but also got stuck in when it came to getting the images together. Harry Parr of Bompas & Parr and set designer Cecilia Carey  became part of the team, vacuuming, fruit arranging and moving furniture.

Parr and Carey hard at work

Parr and Carey hard at work

The stuff you don't see - behind the camera

The stuff you don’t see – behind the camera

There was also time on Thursday to call in to the opening of Collect at the Saatchi Gallery and catch up with Freddie Robins whose home we featured in May 4 issue of the magazine. The artwork she was working on in one of the images used in the feature was now finished and on display

Freddie's 'Out on a Limb' show at Collect

Freddie’s ‘Out on a Limb’ show at Collect

I also chatted to Ingrid Tate of Tate & Style, visiting from Orkney to see Freddie’s exhibit. Freddie was a co-founder of the great textile company Tate & Style that Ingrid now runs on her own, and we photographed Ingrid at home on the Scottish island several years ago. But that’s another story and it was another day.


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