Art and Architecture

In Uncategorized on April 30, 2013 at 3:27 pm

As well as the usual round of recces I’ve recently managed to get and bit of art-house and architecture under my belt. The art house was an interesting black and white film by Sarah Pucill called Magic Mirror, shown at Tate Modern, about the work of French photographer and writer Claude Cahun. The film was a ‘re-staging of the French Surrealist’s work and the text from her 1930s work Aveux Non Avenus.

Waiting for Sarah Pucill's film to start at Tate Modern

Waiting for Sarah Pucill’s film to start at Tate Modern

On a quick trip to Malta I managed to see the work being done on Renzo Pian0’s designs for the gates of the capital city Valletta, the colour of the stone cladding blends perfectly with the adjacent ancient walls and Roman pillars although the look is whole heartedly modern

Valletta re-build underway

Valletta re-build underway


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