Spring in my step

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Mimosa in bloom in Holland Park

Mimosa in bloom in Holland Park

Early in the week, on my way to recce a location, I was trudging along with my head down, trying to stop my eyes from watering in the arctic wind when a sweet scent wafted past my nose, so strong and lovely it made me stop in my tracks and look around. As I glanced up I saw the source, a mimosa tree laden with blossom. Its sunny little yellow bobble flowers and the delicious smell put a spring in my step..

On Tuesday it was off to Essex to meet up with photographer Darren Chung, we had a great shoot at the home of textile designer Freddie Robins and her multi-talented husband Ben Coode-Adams and even though we had to scrape and brush the snow away from the front of their home to get the exterior shots, there were a few rays of sunshine and plenty of hot coffee, soup and biscuits on offer to keep us going.

Wednesday was a shoot with Jefferson Smith in west London, Jefferson took time out to worship at the feet of a household god, a small round red object in the corner of one of the bedrooms….

Jefferson pays homage to a household god

Jefferson pays homage to a household god

or maybe he was just asking for the sun to come out and stay out instead of playing hide and seek.

As well as the unusual red floor light, for that is what it is, the curtains were of African printed cotton edged with a pleated kilt-like border.

A curtain with kilt

A curtain with kilt


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