From Ham to Bow

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The week started with breakfast at The Wolseley, well it nearly didn’t because I was meeting Jenny Hildreth of ARC PR and the Maitre d’ seated us at separate tables, but once we had found each other we had a very useful chat about beds, kitchens and bathrooms ( all Jenny’s clients). Then there was a trip to  north London to meet photographer and documentary maker Jane Hilton followed by a dash to Hoxton to the opening of the new Goodhood Life Store at 20 Coronet Street,

The Goodhood Life store

The Goodhood Life store

On Thursday I went to visit an Emerald Faerie in Bow ( an enigmatic jewellery and lighting designer)  and in the evening it was the opening of Interwoven at Habitat’s Platform Gallery, where we looked at the various designs by Gone Rurual, Coralie Bonnet and Nadia-Anne Ricketts

Kensington and Chelsea-20130307-00337

Kensington and Chelsea-20130307-00341Kensington and Chelsea-20130307-00342And the week wound up with a visit to Jennifer Newman’s house in Ham where we discussed a shoot that we will do in a few weeks time.


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