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It came as a bit of  shock this week when attending the launch of Extraord!nary Stor!es about Ord!nary Th!ngs at The Design Museum, that many objects and pieces of furniture were things that I recognised from either my childhood or from home – so the question arose, Am I now of an age where things I regard as everyday are in fact museum pieces?

The walk along from Tower Bridge tube station to the museum was pleasant with a great view back to the bridge.

Tower bridge Illuminated

Tower Bridge Illuminated

The Design Museum was buzzing and Deyan Sudjic gave  a useful introduction to the background of the exhibition and an update on the museum’s move to Kensington High Street in 2015.

Extraord!nary exhibition visitors

Extraord!nary exhibition visitors

What I loved about the show was the background given to each item. For example there were the working drawings of  the original Anglepoise, and then objects it had inspired, such as the ‘No Angle No Poise’ light.  I had long associated David Mellor with cutlery design but didn’t know he’d been the genius behind the traffic light and modern post box as well.

No angle No poise light

No angle No poise light




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