Always in the Kitchen

In Uncategorized on January 28, 2013 at 12:39 pm

This week I visited Sebastian Conran, the designer and expert in kitchen stuff..and oh yes one of that family of Conrans. Sebastian is a great raconteur and jovial host which makes it difficult to tear yourself away. His new range Universal Expert is available at John Lewis and there’s more to come.

People often ask me if I covet things in the houses I visit, or pick up ideas to use in the decoration of my own home and the answer is usually no. Our home is our style and there isn’t room for any more stuff, but at Conran’s place my eyes did settle on a couple of things….

A ‘tippy’ table with a bicycle seat style stand that adjusts and tilts so that you can use a laptop at the ultimately comfortable, and ergonomically correct angle but straighten and lower the table top if you want to put a cup of tea on it…

IMG-20130125-00259and the kitchen is filled with wonderful, well thought through gadgets – a ladle with a small lip to stop drips descending on to the tablecloth, a kettle that has a temperature gauge on the side so you can stop it before it boils, a fab toast rack that accommodates any size of slice and the ultimate kitchen knives – as Sebastian revealed, the tenth set he’s designed in his career – so one would expect them to be fine tuned by now.




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