The Right Start

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Making the right start to 2013 wasn’t difficult, I had a deadline to finish all the captions for ‘Homes from Home’ so that concentrated my mind and made me sit down and type for a couple of hours each day until they were done. Such a sense of relief when it was finished, just a few more pages of odds and sods to tidy up and then the book can go off to be typeset.

A wise guide to 2013

A wise guide to 2013

The arrival of Hilly Janes’s book Latte or Cappuccino  – 125 decisions that will change your life ( published by Michael O’Mara Books) has also got me off on the right foot, with answers to questions such as… toast and Nutella or pain au chocolat?  the answer is toast and Nutella because there is more fibre which will sustain you for longer. Then there is white v red wine – the answer is red and crisps v nuts, better go for crisps – so now I feel I’m living  a healthier and wiser lifestyle without having to give up anything –  And of course it is all carefully researched and well argued because the book’s author Hilly was the editor of the Body and Soul health section of  The Times for many years.

And when it comes to cycling v walking she recommends walking, so I followed her wise advice and while walking through St James’s park came across my first snowdrop.

look very carefully, there's a little clump of snowdrops in the middle

look very carefully, there’s a little clump of snowdrops in the middle

  1. Hi Vinny and Happy New Year to you!! Thank you for sharing your first snowdrops 🙂
    Bisous from Brussels, Anna

    • and bisous to you too – hope you and Stephan had a Happy Christmas, How did Stephan’s political career go did he do well in the elections? We think of you often when drinking our delicious red wine from Piedmont! Vx

  2. He got 149 preferences (to be shared with Nina, who helped him a lot during his campain :-)), so really good for a first time!! Hilly will certainly approuve Casalone red wine!!!
    Bisous again, to your bellissimo too! Anna

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