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Les Vitrines a Paris

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Just a quick trip to Paris to check out the design and style of their festive windows and I vote Bon Marche’s the best,  a  3D landscape of Parisian rooftops with a Christmassy line of gold and glittery festive birds

IMG-20121214-00213 (1)


Then of course there was the one they did especially for me……alright they abbreviated Vinny Lee to VL, but it was nice of them to do one for me anyway!

photo (11)

Happy Christmas and  Merry New Year – back for more blogging in 2013


Never say never

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Over the last few weeks I’ve checked my diary and thought “That will definitely be the last shoot before Christmas” and lo and behold the phone rings or an email pops in and there is another story that just has to be shot before the tinsel flops and fades, and also more and more house recces that can’t wait…. but so far I have managed to squeeze them in around trying to put the final finishes to The Book which is now called ‘Homes from Home‘ and goes to repro next week.

So there were shoots in Highbury and Queens Gate and recces at Kensington Palace Gardens and Westbourne Park and on treks between tube stations I noticed a tree that had lost all its leaves but still had apples dangling from the branches like a skeleton Christmas tree with edible baubles?

the remaining apples of 2012?

the remaining apples of 2012?

also getting me in the festive mood was the Santa Lucia ceremony at the Swedish Church off the Edgeware Road, the Swede’s celebrate 13th December as the shortest day and longest night and children from the Swedish school dressed in traditional costume  sang while I downed some warm Glug and ate a crispy cinnamon biscuits.

St Lucia with a halo of candles

St Lucia with a halo of candles

and on my way through Queens Park the grass was covered with ice frosted leaves glistening but not thawing in the morning sun

an icy leaf on frozen grass

an icy leaf on frozen grass