All well in Wales

In Uncategorized on June 23, 2012 at 3:30 pm

Well we took the plunge and set off for Wales last Sunday to reattempt the shoot cancelled in April – fingers and toes were crossed for a break in the weather. After a 5 hours drive we arrived at a sunny Hay on Wye and started shooting straight away. We got several shots of the tin shack in one location before heading off to the other to do portraits of the couple who own a converted silo. We had to work quickly because the wife was heading back to London for the start of the working week.

The restored medieval barn

We stayed the night in a stable yard cottage near a magnificent restored Tudor Barn called Cwmhir Court a perfect place to hold a big party – in fact the remains of a 21st birthday party were being tidied up as we got up early on Monday morning. Photographer James Balston was so taken with the walled garden that he couldn’t resist a few shots in the morning sunshine

James among the blooms at Cwmhir Court’s walled garden

but by 8.30am we were hard at work photographing the inside of the silo – a tricky task as it is naturally, a round building so there were few places to hid unwanted extras.

It’s behind you James


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