Helsinki and holiday

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As we are heading in to the Jubilee weekend and Bank Holiday I thought I would up date my blog a little earlier than usual. It’s been a busy week with a trip to Helsinki, World Design Capital 2012.

I set off on Monday morning and with a 3 hour flight and 2 hour time difference it felt as though I spent most of the day getting there. And at this time of year it is light most of the time so at 10pm Helsinki time I was trying to get my mind round going to bed in daylight and knowing that it was only 8pm in London, but we had an early start on Tuesday.

We were due to be at the location at 8am which meant getting up at 6.30am ( 4.30am UK time). The reason for this was that we were  shooting Alvar and Aino Aalto’s house and had to be done by 1pm. We managed not only to get some great images but also a good interview with two of  the Aalto’s grandsons. Photographer Ben Anders beavered away and when we got back to town we were both tired and hungry, but we  had a light lunch because we were invited to dine with the UK ambassador Matthew Lodge and his wife Alexia at the Residence that night.

The view en route to the hotel from dinner at the UK Embassy residence

On Wednesday we went to the home of architects Risto and Suvi Huttunen an interesting modern house part of a group of three designed by them – their neighbours were their clients..isn’t that every architect’s nightmare? Sadly it was a bit grey and overcast but Suvi plied us with coffee, berries, croissant and even a farewell glass of champagne!

Ben checking images at the Huttenen home


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