Lions and Luxury bathing

In Uncategorized on May 25, 2012 at 2:40 pm

Who would have believed that when I set off to Leicester on Monday morning it would be under the last overcast sky of the week. We were framing up a shot of the back of Shauna Richardson‘s cottage when the clouds rolled away and the sun came out, and it has stayed. Shauna is a Crochetdermist who was selected to be part of the Cultural Olympiad and her epic lions will be in London for the start of the Olympic bun fight in July. Smaller scale lions lurk in her cottage and studio

A crocheted lion’s head

and another

Teeth and all

Photographer James Balston was very brave when it came to the ear-less rabbit

James with an array of unattached fangs, tongues and the unfinished rabbit

And on Tuesday evening I went to the official opening of the new Czech & Speake shop in Pimlico where owner Frank Sawkins gave me a sample of their hush hush new shower product to try ( and when I say sample it did seem to be decanted in to a specimen bottle!) and have lathered it on all over I can say from personal experience that it is delicious.

Test it and see


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