Bauhaus and Brollies

In Uncategorized on May 12, 2012 at 9:37 am

This week included at shoot in North London and a visit to the opening of the Bauhaus: Art as Life show at the Barbican. The shoot was dogged by over cast skies so if the outdoor shot comes up with a blue cast it isn’t due the brilliance of the firmament, its more to do with the colour of the umbrella  I was holding over photographer Jefferson Smith’s head as he snuggled in beside the dustbins to get an exterior shot.

Jefferson by the bins

We were at the home of one of the co-owners of Constant and True and her collection of Edith Collins box bags was enviable

A small part of the Collins box bag collection

This week’s culture trip was courtesy of Vitra who invited me to the preview of the Bauhaus show, we had drinks in the  hanging gardens conservatory

Hanging gardens of Babylon reborn at the Barbican

but in the gallery they had not only a collection of drawings and furniture but also some of the ballet and theatre costumes from the Bauhaus collective

A Bauhaus costume


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