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New Boots and high heel shoes

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A trip to Paris to interview the the shoe maestro Christian Louboutin was the perfect excuse to buy a new pair of ankle boots, something with a heel to give me a bit of lift! New boots safely packed I went for a breakfast meeting with Judy Dobias of Camron at the Delauny in Covent Garden. Against the elegant backdrop of dark wood panelling we discussed the state of print media and the news from Camron’s offices in New York. Then off to St Pancras to catch the Eurostar, arriving in the ‘city of lights’ around 5pm in drizzle.

By 6pm I was at the offices of Olivia Putman, daughter of the wonderful Andree who I had the privilege to interview a few years ago. Olivia is now running the design company and it transpired she is also an old friend of Christian Louboutin’s – she says he travels too much.

Just a fifteen minute dash across the two boulevards to a  meeting with Pierre Frey Junior, part of the family of the amazing Pierre Frey  fabric company , his newly refurbished apartment is stunning and I hope to go back in a few weeks to do a shoot there.

Thursday morning , an early start, we were given an 8.30am arrival time for the Louboutin shoot so out along Boulvard  des Italiens in the dark – still Paris has a special something even in the early hours

early morning and the metro

The interview and photography went well and Rachael Brandrick from the London Press office looked after us magnificently, and ordered in a delicious sushi lunch. We had just a glimmerof sunshine but then back to drizzle, but still I caught a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower from Louboutin’s converted attic apartment on the fifth floor.

just a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower

and it was fun to note that Louboutin’s bedside reading included ‘The Beautiful Fall’ by my friend Alicia Drake

bedtime reading