Sun and Sand in the Hamptons

In Uncategorized on May 9, 2011 at 10:46 am

It’s a three and a half hour drive from New York to the Hamptons even on a not too busy day, we got there around 6pm and went to recce the home of Elie Tahari and catch up with the team – Scott, Mark, CJ and others I had met on Tuesday afternoon. The house is in a stunning location right on the beach, just behind a sand dune

The view from Elie Tahari's house

Over night at The Huntting Inn in East Hampton and back at 9am to the house, fingers crossed for good weather as the reports hadn’t been promising. The Tahari team had organised everything from catering to sunshine and Scott even did some stand in work for Mr Tahari as we mapped out our shots

Scott Currie walking the walk for Mr Tahari

Scott Currie walking the walk for Mr Tahari

and the sun shone and shone, and the team worked on and on…

Jonny and Zach checking the focus of the exterior shot

until we got in to the car to drive back to New York when the skies opened and torrential rain bucketed down. Spent the night at the Best Western at Newark airport which is a five minute shuttle ride from the airport and very handy if you have to be there early. Sunday on board another Virgin Atlantic flight and home by 10pm, now just thank you letters and copy to write so watch out for the features in the magazine between now and October.


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