another chunk of the Big Apple

In Uncategorized on May 9, 2011 at 10:31 am

Thursday Mr Obama decided to come to New York and as I was downtown and the shoot was up town it meant an early (6am) start to avoid all the security restrictions, I also went via the Flower Market on 28th and 6th to pick up some blooms for the day’s shoot, it seemed so odd to stumble across a mini Covent Garden in the centre of the Chelsea District, but the pavements were full of 6ft high branches of blossom and boxes of peonies

Big Apple blossom

After the shoot at Stephen Brandman’s apartment I had a drink with journalist Rod Huntress and writer Chris Huntress (it was Cinco de Mayo so Margueritas seemed appropriate) then uptown to stay with Catriona Mace an old friend from Brussels currently working at the UN.

view from the window of Catriona's apartment with new subway being built under blue covers

Friday morning I stationed myself in French-style cafe Balthazar on 80 Spring Street and met first with Carol Leggett who does PR for Bob and Cortney Novogratz ( their apartment was featured in The Times Magazine Jan 1st issue) a fun lady who has a wide range of contacts in fashion and design. Then Kimberly Oliver and Ashley Boyle  from the New York office of London based PR company Camron  took over the hot seat and brought me up to speed with the design news on their side of the Atlantic. Then to the head office of Jonathan Adler to meet marketing and press director Starrett Zenko and talk over the launch of an Adler shop in the UK in the autumn, a delicious lunch at Giorgione helped the flow of conversation. Then  back to Hudson Street to meet up with Jonny and Zach to drive to the Hamptons. Imperative to leave by 3pm to avoid the out of town traffic exodus.


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