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Hot Vespa

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One man and his dog

I have a soft spot for Italy and the Italians – I was there again this week soaking up the style,  the gestures and overall hyper activity that makes even crossing the road a gesture of faith in the almighty. This is one of my favourite images of my recent trip, its of one man and his dog ( dog in his finest Ferrari jacket) watching the girls go by…

REad all about it

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An early start to photograph the home of the Queen of Chocolate Chantal Cody, we were blessed with a few rays of sunshine which made all the difference to the shots on the top floor of her tall, thin home.

Its what goes on behind the camera that really counts

Then jumped on a No 88 bus up to Liberty, Regent Street to see the RE team installing the Pop Up shop. Mr Simon is practically voiceless (v.unusual!) because of a sore throat and Jenny is almost lost in a sea of bubble wrap and cardboard but Nigel is keeping an eye on them and their shop-in-a-shop is taking shape. It opens from lunchtime tomorrow – go and see their unique take on home-style, all the way from Corbridge.

And this goes there and that goes here...

RE duo singing the Unwrappety rap

and where in the world did I put that duster?